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ŠMIT ELECTRONIC was established in 1994. with headquarter in Kutina. Primarily it was IT company which main goal was projecting IT systems and developing computer programs, selling and servicing computers. Soon after that in 1995., as company grew, Smit Electronic had 2 employees. It was great time to extend its offer of computer accessories, peripherals and consumables.

During 1996., because of great interest of buyers, Šmit Electronic opened retail store in Nazorova 37. Until than company had only wholesale.
Finally we could offer our buyers computer configurations, printers, scanners, al kind of computer components, and consumables.

From day to day computer sale increases rapidly, so in the year 1997. we sold almost 200 PC configurations. Company now have 3 employees and becomes authorized MICROSOFT partner.
In the summer 1998. we extend our offer on audio-video technics. From now, in our retail store  
our customers can find TV’s, Mini Hi-Fi systems, VCR’s, Cameras, Car radios and Speaker systems, Sony PlayStations, Hi-Fi components, Speakers, Phones, Mobile phones, audio and VCR tapes, medias for CD, Walkmans, Discmans etc.
Listening buyer needs and demands and trying to follow modern global trends in technology, we extend our offer with DVD’s, all king of adapters, connectors, cables, satellite equipment, terrestrial antennas, VHF/UHF amplifiers etc.
In 1998. company had 4 employees.

In 2001. Šmit Electronic became VIP partner in Kutina and starts to sell VIP prepaid and postpaid and soon becomes leading VIP partner in the wider Kutina area.
By the end of September, retail store moves in the much larger retail shop a block closer to the center od Kutina. From 23rd of September  retail shop is situated on the address Nazorova 27.

Now, with more space in the new store we are able to extend our offer with significant amount of different TV models, Hi-Fi systems, VRC’s, etc.
From that point, in our store you can find musical instruments and equipment.
In 2001. Šmit electronic open another retail store in Sisak, Ante Starčevića 23, and soon becomes one of the leading distributors computer and Audio-video equipment in Sisačko-moslavačka county.
During 2002. And 2003. In our store you can find household equipment and white goods
Those were years when consumer credits starts to be very popular among people. According to that, company achieve incredible fast growth in Kutina and Sisak retail shops. In 2003. Smit Electronic had 14 employees, and financial transactions of almost 20 mil. kn

Immediately when TELE2 mobile phone operator came in Croatian market, Smit Electronic became  authorized TELE2 partner.

With our associates help in 2004. And 2005. We opened 2 more retail shops in Nova Gradiška and Hrvatska Kostajnica. 


As resell of electronics and AV equipment chain stores grow in popularity in period from 2004. to 2006.  In almost every city in Croatia, it was decided to change company strategy.
In the 2006. and 2007. Smit Electronic closed all retail stores except one in Kutina. Soon after that beginning of importing business started.

First import goods were Robosapien robot - toys. Christmas 2006. was true expansion boom for Robosapien toys on Craotian market. All imported robots were sold in less than a month.

By the end of 2006. First shipment of  LCD/Plasma mouts and projector stands have arrived.

In the mid 2007. First shipment of notebook bags has arrived under SBOX brand. It was all ready for exporting  goods in the all countries, former republics of Yugoslavia. Soon after that, Šmit Electronic became leading distributor LCD TV mounts in region. Company at that time have 4 employees.

2008. was start of global financial crisis. We could felt it on our business but we try to fight it systematically expand our offer to our customers. Notebook and mobile phone bags, Screen cleaning solutions, HDMI cables are just some of new products.
SBOX brand is becoming more and more recognizable on the market.
Wi didn’t stop there, and in the 2009. New products arrived under SBOX brand: replacement inks and cartridges for all kind of inkjet and laser printers.

In the middle of 2009. Šmit Electronic starts with importing Manhattan & Intellinet products, and soon after that became recognizable on market as distributor with widest selection of computer networking, cable and other equipment.

In only few months number of Manhattan and Intellinet products hits 700 different items!
By the end of 2009. company has 6 employees.
On January 23rd  2010. Šmit Electronic sign business contract with IC Intracom and became exclusive distributor for Manhattan and Intellinet products for Croatia
During year of business with Manhattan and Intellinet, number of products increases and Šmit Electronic soon became on of leading distributors of computer equipment in Croatia.
On September 23rd  2010. on the annual conference IC Intracom partners from more than 100 countries all over the world, Šmit Electronic receive acknowledgment „PARTNER RELATIONSHIP OF THE YEAR“. By the end of year 2010. Company has 9 employees.

Year 2011. Year of great challenges. Šmit Electronic goes even further by moving in own business premises with 900 sq. meters of space at the address Metanska 1.  As time passes wholesale now becomes dominating over retail shop  both in Croatia and abroad.
Company tries to give more and more attention to the import, distribution and export
In the upcoming years, we intend to increase import of  goods under SBOX brand from China and also large portion of products from EU. Šmit Electronic redistribute many famous brands like Goodram, Tenda, Apollo, Techly etc.
Each year export share of sale shows constant growth , and now SBOX products we export in Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia.

And that is not all ….

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